Dear Nasa and Mr President,
For more than 60 years there has only ONE single quadrant on Mars where the map legend states for origins: "Origins: Enigmatic" PERIOD !  No geological process guesses even for more than half a century.  It is the ZERO meridian line starting on its most western edge and ALL other longitude progress around the planet to finally coming to the Western Portion where there REALLY are Flat Fact Enigmatic Structures.  Both Viking launders found Xeon^129 in the atmosphere which can ONLY be made by Nuclear Bombs.  Mars WAS inhabited and had a nuclear war, the Xeon^129 is Flat Fact Brutal Truth Science.
There has ALWAYS been 'skullduggery' aroun9 the infamous 'Face on Mars' in the Cydonia area.  When Dr. Malin & NASA/JPL colluded with him. From this:

Viking Face

to this the infamous "Catbox"


However when PROPERLY processed it became this witch is CLEARLY a DEFINED FACE with eye, nose ridge, two nostril, twin lips, chin, and a fitting helmet.


If NASA REFUSES to send a Rover to Cydonia.  This is scientific cowardice and also scientific criminality of taxpayer money. 

Mr. President, do you want your "Space Force" to be weak sniveling cowards, or to BOLDLY GO WHERE there STILL remains not ONE SINGLE geological "guess" given by Dr. Tonka in the 2005 release of the USGS Map Legend for Cydonia

The 2nd "guess" implies 'photo-shopping' the images which I just PROVED was done in 1998.
Surface temperatures are above 70 degrees F at high noon in summer, and even in winter there are WATER running linea there.  This is the SAME latitude Elon Musk is going to land ALL his BFRs in the future.  Jest a bit more West of Downtown Cydonia, just about 20 degrees in longitude away.  With nuclear propulsion NOW in the making; to waste this rover to look anywhere else for LIFE, Artificial artifacts, to settle the long long fight between Science and Secrecy. 


This rover MUST go to Cydonia, to go anywhere else will be a WASTE of taxpayer funds, and also continue to show that NASA is trying to by-pass REAL up-close insights into what is REALLY in Cydonia.
I have two requests still in the HiWish system for the Smoking Pyramid on Mars a short distance from the Ares Face and the D7M Pyramid that fits like a glove over the Washington DC Pentagon.


3D Cydonis SMoking Puramid

There is NO logical reason for the 100 meter PERFECTLY round hole was a meteor, or an uprising with the 100 meter cliff it sits on the edge of. Also the Pyramid is EXACTLY like Egypt's Pyramid with only a partial piece remaining of the golden covering that Giza once had. In exact same spot to the SOUTH. Coincidence...on EVERYTHING I have just gone over?
No.  Common Sense is so rare it almost feels like a Super Power.

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