Take a look at that rock with a "note-card" off to the left of the rover that had STOPPED right at this point after a Long Auto-Drive.

Keith has not done a Gigaapan with the Navcams likely because there are NO MAST cams in COLOR according to JPL:

Here is the email response I got in FULL.  I have not had ANY other response despite several attempts.

From: Padams, Jordan (398F) <>

Re: Feedback form information


CC: Boggs, Karen (398N) <> ; Verma, Rishi (398M) <>; Grimes, Kevin M (398F) <>; LaVoie, Sue (3980) <>

Hi Robert,

Here is some info from one of the MSL folks. Hope this provides some insight. Unfortunately, we aren't sure, from our perspective, what this could be.

Looks to me like he's referring to:




The JPL team had No Idea what the note was, but also did not know WHY Malin Space Systems did not take a color image.

where there is indeed an interesting artifact on a rock which kinda
looks like a playing card stuck there.  It's in both images as well as
their R-eye counterparts so it's real, whatever it is.

I don't see any mastcam imaging of it.

I *think* it's the same rock as we see in 1666:

at ~line 139 samp 670 but I'm not 100% sure.  If so, there is a mastcam
of the same rock:

at ~line 281 samp 191 but it's seen from the other side, the "card"
artifact is not visible.

Ahh, it is visible on the *next* drive too, sol 1671:

but alas, no Mastcam.  I believe you can still see it on the *next*
drive, face-on even:


at ~line 276 samp 776.  But also, no Mastcam.

The next drive (sol 1673, drive 1386) you can still see where it should
be but it's just covered by a foreground rock.  Still no Mastcam.  After
that it fades from view as we drive away.

So there are two different locations where it's visible in Navcam, but
it looks like there is no Mastcam coverage.


Jordan Padams
Jet Propulsion Laboratory


From: Boggs, Karen (398N)
Sent: Monday, June 4, 2018 1:59 PM
To: Grimes, Kevin M (398F); Padams, Jordan (398F); Alanis, Rafael (398G)
Subject: FW: Feedback form information
name: Robert H Williams
phone: 5182366733
affiliation: Mars Citizen Science
Topic: sol 1669 rock with note atached
comments: loook at any of the 3D or 2D black and white images you'll see a rock close to the rover with a WHITE SQUARE 'CARD' attached to it. No ZOOM image, No color image. In fact in subsequent sols Rover moves from this site 62 to 63 so the note CANNOT be seen anymore. It cannot be hidden anymore, where are the COLOR 3D ??? Mickey Malin doing another 1998 'Catbox"?
Referer Page:

Keith Laney is master of doing Mars and Lunar imaging Gigapans and scanning for Anonymously items that NASA/JPL and ESPECIALLY ANY thing to do with Dr Mikey Malin Camera or his MSSS "team" since 1998 what should we do next with the #2020CydoniaRover ???

Now that you have underground lakes all the way to Cydonia and your 2020 is STILL NOT ANSWERING SCIENCE QUESTIONS ??  Especially using MSSS for cameras.


The ONLY question you should do is submit the Rover to ONLY quadrant on Mars where the USGS Map Legend states "Origins : Enigmatic" .  Since the before the beginning of the Space Race began until Dr Tonka and added several 'guesses' that include "pasted material" and similar photo-shopped.  Send the #2020CydoniaRover to the ONLY quadrant where YOU have NO, none, not even ONE single geological feature, volcanic, sedimentary, glacial, earthquakes, or any other method.

MSSS did not even take an image of something that was "abnormal" and MSSS and NASA/JPL allowed MSSS to drive right by without ANY image of this oddity.  How are you going to expect to find life, when the monuments are right there in DownTown Cydonia ready for investigation.

Is NASA/JPL ready to stop running away from the REAL SCIENCE ?  Put MSSS and Dr. Edget on a short lease.  MSSS did the 1998 "Catbox"; they lost the MGS so he could run the new cameras of the early rovers and the uncurious-Curiosity where he also drove right by a "fossil" and drilled it and broke the drill bit.

At least take my image from HiRise well before lift off.

ID ? Suggestion Title ? Latitude ? Longitude ? Repeat ? Created ? Observation ID ?
164908 Cydonia region mounds 40.539 350.101 STEREO 2018-09-09
164906 Cydonia region mounds 40.539 350.101 STEREO 2018-09-09


If you do not you are NOT open or responsive to public, and you have a STEM broadcast, what if someone asks you about Cydonia ?

What if someone asks you to say you have absconded with "The People's Camera"?  You and I and many others already know Elon Musk has landing spot same latitude as Cydonia and he will build his city a few longitudes West of Cydonia.  Wouldn't it be nice to have rover already there?  He will put some humans on the Moon before you do, and also do same thing putting people by 2024 a little West of Cydonia.  My domains are prepaid until Aug 31, 2026.  By then you will STILL not put any humans on the Moon, unless you start in with Cydonia.


S P R E A D      I T       E V E R Y W H E R E

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