American Mint Scam

I started a "trial" run at collecting coins trying to have "valued assets" in the coming crash of the dollar as the world's ONLY 'reserve currency'.  With BRICS and the trade war President Trump has us in with a whole bunch of countries, including China who has now suspended taking any more American Garbage; the Recycling Industry in America has simply crashed.

But speaking of China, American Mint had sent me two "vouchers" of a $36.95 for two coins in their Presidential Collection.


Ahh Yes I forget to put something I noticed when I received the three coins for you to see: American Mint made in CHINA ???


I guess America Mint does NOT have enough "Real Gold" to plate over copper coins as much as China does ??? Hmmm

Wonder WHY is American Mint buying MADE IN CHINA GOLD COINS ???

You can CALL American Mint yourself at 1-877-807-6468 and ask WHY is AMERICAN MINT sending out MADE IN CHINA Gold Coins?

So I just got ANOTHER letter from American Mint, who gives out coins MADE IN CHINA !!! About a MISTAKE THEY MADE !!!

Apparently some coins sell cheaper MADE IN CHINA and some are made in America at PREMIUM price, but NOT real SILVER either

I called about this to Customer Service, which has NOT helped at all...listen in:


Maybe YOU can call them and ask how they make a mistake and send wrong coin and blame customer, just like Publisher's Clearing House Scam?


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