PCH aka Publisher Clearing House Fraud

update 10-21-2018 Did your on-line PROPERLY register ??? Check out last video

below at bottom being billed despite phone call promise !!!  And the GAME IS RIGGED ON-LINE !!!

As someone who has been sent wrong items and returned, but still have not gotten the correct product, and being bombarded with mailer after mailer the faster you respond; imho it's a mail and on-line FRAUD !!!

After just playing ONE game after getting email I was going to loose my "slot" in the far off possibility I could win any money from this company's relentless barrage of mailers and on-line emails threatening that my "chance" of winning would be forfeit I am doing the same thing I did with on-line dating services.  An EXPOSE on PCH.

Did you know that there are chances that the regular public, who do NOT buy anything, also do NOT get to enter. In other words, while they “say” buying products through PCH prices will NOT increase your chances, they also do not say that if you don't buy something; there are OTHER 'prize awards' that are NOT available to the general public.


When I orderd glass balls that were lit by led lights and using 3 AAA batteries.



I did NOT get those items. Insted I got Rubber Funnels :


So I sent these back along with a check for the Triple Adapter I also ordered:



I placed an order, it was NOT FILLED PROPERLY and I STILL sent the ONE check for the Adapters I Did get.

I am still WAITING for my Orbs.  I do NOT KNOW if they got my letter with the return funnels and my Check # 1022 for the $17.23 for Trple Adaptors They DID cash checks 1023 and 1026.   So I KNOW they FRACKED up, but as of April 15, 2018 I have NOT had one email, or response that gives me notice of where my check #1022 is.

I finally DID get an email from PCH:

That as you can see is dated 3/22/2018.  Then there was not 1-2 business Days as stated Above but waited until April Fools Day 4/1/2018:

I finally was at home when he called, stated he was going to void the order, but he still as of April 15,2015 has NOT told me where my CHECK #1022 is !!!  Nor have I received the eclectic light balls either.

But...what I HAVE gotten is many many emails about my "Special Entry" is to be forfeit and I MUST act NOW or I am out of the contest. 

Why should I BUY anything when they broke the rules 1st by sending the WRONG item as clearly shown on the payment order, and that those Triple Adaptors are $2.oo are DOLLAR Stores.

The ACTUAL DEADLINE is NOT until April 11 or 16, 2018 and I've getting emails that say I am about to loose my "Special Number".

Now I also contacted them about a Scratch Prize sheet that was supposed to be in one of the mailings, but was not. That sheet looked like this as noted to be aware and look for it....it was NOT in the mailer I STILL have, and it isn't there. Never was.


Also Another sheet was missing:



Think that's all?  Nope:



This where the missing CARD game was supposed to go...but again...it was MISSING from the mailing this was the other side of the NOTICE to LOOK for the scratch off !!!

And here's another issue about returning something that needed to be done but with conflicting "rules" the "Golden Seal":



I HAD to put the Gold seal there in order to send it along with the "DOLLAR" sheets that also NEEDED to be returned:






So you see they tell me I MUST return these items in THIS envelope that was INCOMPLETE with proper documents.

Publisher Clearing House IS behaving as a Fraud !!!

I did not get the ALL the sheets I needed, I did NOT get the item I ordered, I sent BACK the rubber funnels because the CHECK WAS NOT CASHED !!!  I got a call from Mr. Chris Irving from PCH.  Listen in:

click to listen about 12 minutes


As you listened Mr. Irving did NOT KNOW were my Check #1022 is !?!?! Again I have been BOMBARDED with emails about this and the DUE date again is NOT UNTIL APRIL 11 OR 16 2018 for the April 27 2018 drawing.

Until PCH contacts ME about this matter by email preferably since I cannot RECORD a call until I know they WILL call then I can record the telephone conversation I feel PCH is a FRAUD/SCAM.  Recording phone calls has saved me from MANY on-line, mail order FRAUD SCAMS in the past as it is EVIDENCE I ordered ONE trial bottle of something; yet they had some idea it was to be a RECURRING CHARGE.  I NEVER EVER do recurring charges PERIOD !!!


Also as for PRICING of these items https://tophatter.com/

 and there's a new on-line auction site like https://dealdasher.website/ 

Then there's your local DOLLAR STORE where things like a back washer is A LOT CHEAPER than PCH !!!

In playing on-line requires about 3 1/2 HOURS to play every game to make a VALID entry, and if you have NOT bought enough CHINA made crap you can find in the places mentioned above.  And if you do NOT buy a LOT of crap made in China you NEVER get to that VIP status, and thus, even by their OWN Rules they VIOLATE that by keeping encouraging and bullying for not buying something.

Since I gave them until TODAY and not received an email about where my Check #1022 is this article goes LIVE

If I do NOT get a satisfactory reply by April 16 / 2018 ... then this page will go LIVE and I start sending it to news outlets around the planet like I did with the on-line dating sites I feel scammed from not being able to opt-out within 7 days as their OWN Terms Of Service statements stated.

I have a list of @tweet that I use Hoote suite that sends the link to Twitter, Facebook and Google+ ALL three social media sites at ONE TIME.

Also I want to show you MORE drawings that are for VIP people who BUY products in those mailers !!! Yet they 'say' in their 'rules' that buying will not affect your chances of winning.  Well if you do NOT buy ANY products; you cannot become a VIP !!!

Also PLEASE note many images & videos show NO https:// for SECURE SERVER EXPERIANCE !!! 

For Faster page downloads large images and videos are presented on quick one links , then simply hit the back arrow on browsers, you can press Control-z control simply will undo previous action; no matter what program you are running in below video;

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Image 1

Image 2

Image 3

Image 4

Image 5 

Image 6

Image 7 

Image 8 

Image 9


So when they say "Your purchase does NOT affect your chances of winning" that is a FLAT FACT LIE !!!   YOU MUST BUY PRODUCTS TO BECOME A VIP !!!

I wrote a letter to you and you have not answered that letter sent February 8, 2018

Dear Publisher Clearing House Auditor,

February 8, 2018

When I received my packet you mass mailed for delivery Feb 8, 2018 the following document was NOT in the envelope and there was NO sheet for the card game and no $30 Free Gift sticker in the envelope.

I understand that the PCH “Rules” are long, complicated (overly imho) and MUST be adhered to in order to win.

Also though, as a “Business” you have rules you MUST also follow and that EVERY SINGLE envelope MUST contain ALL tags or stickers, games, that are advertised within the mailing.

To repeat, I did NOT receive the card game sheet, and I also did not receive a $30 Gold Reward Free Gift Sticker. For a whole year, I feel I've been duped.

I own 7 domains and put my grievances on-line, here is one about dating in the #metoo movement:


I would not want to do an article on PCH, please reply to me by March 1, 2018

Again, so many rules, so many ways to win, and really, the “deals” you sell are really not that great a savings. In flat fact they cost more than they are worth, again imho.

The WEBSITE article is DONE...it is NOW "live". 



PCH...my “lighted balls” are in your court.

Well It seems Mr. Chris Irving April Fool's Day Emailer DID NOT CANCEL the order Invoice where I PAID $17.23 with check #1022 which is STILL LOST for the adaptors.  Now they have sent me a 'delinquent notice'.

So now MY CREDIT SCORE is in jeopardy !!!  Because Mr. Irving from Publisher's Clearing House DID NOT DO AS PROMISED !!! No Surprise really, at least to me. Since his email arrived on April Fool's Day!  I have over 11 MILLION on-line "tokens" racked up since this issue started back in March 5, 2018.  I have had an ENDLESS number of emails to go and 'play to win' at 1 to over 6 BILLION chance' to actually receive any type of actual CASH !!!  What is 6 BILLION to ONE?  Is PCH doing this planet wide?

That's right, odds of winning ANY amount of ACTUAL cash is stated in rules as 1 in 6 BILLION !!!

I also just today got ANOTHER MAILER in the mail.  I will write a letter, mark the little rectangle on the back that correspondence is enclosed and send it out.  I will address it to the Vice President of PCH.

I will also be sending link to this page to all my banking and credit monitoring companies to show that I AM NOT IN DEFAULT on paying for ANYTHING.  NEVER HAVE BEEN !!!  PCH has broken many of their own rules, broken many laws in my opinion about Mail Fraud, and On-line Fraud.

Today May 30th 2018 will be the LAST DAY I keep playing these on-line games which take about 3-4 hours of time to complete, and that's without playing KENO.  I am DONE as of tonight.  At 1 in 6 billion why waste time? I would LIKE to win some cash, but at those odds and with their ineptitude, I don't trust them to give me the cash even if my number came up.  I have a LIFE to LIVE and PCH is just a POISON thorn in my way.

New SAME INVOICE supposed to be CANCELLED and also ON-LINE "RIGGING GAMES !!!" !!!


I PAID for the adaptors with Check #1022 and PCH has LOST IT !!!

Here is group of videos showing ON-LINE RIGGING GAMES !!!


May 23, 2018

Video 1

May 24, 2018

Video 2

May 25, 2018

Video 3

May 28, 2018

Video 4

Yesterday May 29, 2018 was 3x's in ONE DAY !!!

Video 5

Watch for tomorrow's update as I will be calling the PCH CONTROLLER !!!  Will be RECORDED and PUT below !!!

Call with a Suport Supervisor, Supposed to cancel invoice, add 1,000 'tokens' for ONE single bungle like I pointed out above.

PCH SCAM day June 4, 2018:

Video 6

PCH SCAM day June 5, 2018:

Video 7


PCH SCAM day June 6, 2018 3 Play Now errors in a row !!!:

Video 8

PCH SCAM day June 7 (a1), 2018:

Video 9

PCH SCAM day June 7 (b2), 2018:

Video 10

PCH SCAM day June 8 (a1), 2018:

Video 11

PCH SCAM day June 8 (b2), 2018: Game Error, Ya THINK ???

Video 12

PCH SCAM day June 9 (a1), 2018: Play Now Stuck again no ERROR Msg though Why Not?

Video 13

PCH SCAM day June 9 (b2), 2018: Play Now Stuck again no ERROR Msg though Why Not?

Video 14

PCH SCAM day June 17, 2018: Deplete Tokens by "betting" them for 1 in 6 BILLION chance to win prize??


Video 15

PCH SCAM day June 17, 2018: PCH now scamming ads that CHEAT tokens and; TIME from players !!!


Video 16

PCH SCAM day June 17, 2018 (b2): PCH now scamming ads that CHEAT tokens and; TIME from players !!!


Video 17

PCH SCAM day June 17, 2018 (c3): PCH now scamming ads that CHEAT tokens and; TIME from players !!!

Video 18

PCH Search SCAM day July 1, 2018 PCH Search Scamming Email Ads

Video 19



Here is one more PCH-SCAM caught on Video Sunday August 5, 2018:

Video 20


UPDATE October 7, 2018


The August 31, 2018 $2,500/ Week for Life Prize was NEVER awarded, yet they KNEW who the winning # belonged to.  Did they check and see if the person was in the Hospital?  Did they go on Vacation?  NO they did NOT !  It was a "mailer" and it wasn't returned.  Did it get lost in Hurricane ?  They don't know and did NOT check and see if the person it belonged to had an injury or other reasonable reason why the mailer was NOT sent back.  Two phone conversations reveal once PCH is a CON a FRAUD in every since of the word.


First is tech support when many search choices in emails come up but do not work. Then webmaster

Now the "webmaster"


DOES YOUR ON-LINE ENRTY ACTUALLY GET ENTERED ??? Take an 11min 9 seconds 'repeat attempt'  Like 'Official 911 Story' PCH is SCAM !!!+





Latest Video mishaps with PCH:  12-17-2019:


2019-video/pch-phone-call-deleted-ScreenCapture_2019-12-12 16.36.53.mp4



If their OWN rules say you do NOT have to buy anything to "win" that's a LIE and FALSE and Fraudulent Advertising as you can see examples I have provided above that only BUYERS can be VIPs and there are contests ONLY for VIPs !!!

I advise other folks to do the SAME THING !!! PCH is A FRAUD in EVERY WAY SHAPE AND FORM !!!

If there's nothing to hide...why hide the information, objects or gag people or documents or loose emails, smashing video evidence violating Federal Law?

Say what you mean and mean what you say.

Don't make promises and policies you don't intend to keep and to keep the policies and promises you do make.

ACTIONS speak louder than words.
ACTIONS are PROOF of intent.
ACTIONS are the final judgment of character.
It REALLY is that simple.

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