Rick Simpson Video Cannabis Oil CURES Cancer

The ONLY reason Cannabinoids are illegal is because there is NO $$ in CURES !!

Diseases come because our bodies have cannabinoid receptors in EVERY organ and in our Blood System

is that we do NOT get Cannabis in our FOOD which causes diseases, like cancer.

The Phramaceutical Industry makes MORE $$ on TREATMENTS, Pain Meds, etc...then simply CURING the disease

caused by lack of cannabis in our regular diets. This one documentary PROVES this.

12 different patients, 6 different cancers, 6 different doctors, Á 6 different Hospitals

Canada's Supreme Court REFUSED to even hear the Evidence and Rick Simpson is now living in EXILE in Iceland

Shame on Justin Trudeau for not righting this wrong commited by the Far Right Conservative Harper Government in Lock-Step with USA Policy

Shame on the United States Policy for contuing to classify Cannabis as a Schedule 1 drug....it's a NATURAL FRACKING HERB !!!

Please help us spread this DISGUSTING news to the RIGGED Medical, Media and Political Systems of Western Governments

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