Russia creates ‘chameleon’ battle helmet, same tech can turn tanks ‘invisible’

Published time: 17 Jul, 2018 10:41

FILE PHOTO Russian Army Festival in Moscow. September, 2015 © Ramil Sitdikov / Sputnik

A Russian company has made a combat helmet capable of mimicking its surroundings – and making soldiers invisible to enemy eyes. This tech can also be applied to combat vehicles.

“One of our projects is a material which, like a chameleon, mimics the color of the surrounding environment,” the CEO of the state corporation Rostec Sergey Chemezov told the TASS news agency on Tuesday. “We designed a helmet using this technology, and will demonstrate it at one of the expos in the nearest future.”

The company is constantly upgrading military gear, with the goal of making the soldiers more protected and better equipped, Chemezov said, adding that the test samples of the new materials have already been produced.

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“It’s an ideal way to camouflage troops and hardware,” Chemezov said. “With these materials we can make tanks and other combat vehicles invisible.”

Rostec is one of Russia’s leading defense companies. Among its recent projects is a high-tech helmet for air force pilots, equipped with a sophisticated target acquisition system.


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