Spectrum Service is like Dish TV in a Hurricane

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If you are a Spectrum customer, you are likely having issues with not only email, as I do, but also getting an account in the Spectrum Forum to process a simple process of your email, user name, password, and two security questions. My “confirmation” has been continuing for 45 minutes, so I am going to publish this article and upload it to my website MyCommonSenseParty.com

In my opinion since the issues began in 2013 when Spectrum finalized the take-over of Time Warner cable and Bright House Networks. As one of the screen shots shows.


Is an excellent read to start. Please note the following screen grabs June 22, 2017 about the “outage” areas. Currently there are more than 24 MILLION people who are having email problems, some are having access to Internet issues, and even with television reception.

In my opinion, ANY customer that is not receiving FULL service deserves FREE services until ALL services are back to 'normal' since this goes back as far as 2013 as one of the screen grabs goes to show on a Google search.

They have been sued for misinforming FCC and other parties about number of subscribers to better their stock value and also keep the number of issues that are giving no, or substandard service with ether email, or television programming. ALL Spectrum Customers should NOT be billed for ANY services until ALL services are restored. In addition, I personally think that EVERY CEO of EACH department, all Board Members should NOT receive ANY salary until FULL service is delivered to each and every customer. All OTHER employees are being very courteous, hard working, and trying to solve the errors the CEOs and Board of Directors made when paying $65.5 billion in CASH to buy both companies they did not spend enough on the INFRASTRUCTURE necessary to handle the combined customer base. They were so greedy to acquire they spent very little in preparing for the actual take-over. Did they hire the BEST programmers in SQL and the other computer coders that would have been necessary to make this merger actually WORK.

Now these programmers are likely doing their best, but unless they are using 8-Core processors with massive amount of RAM memory and large hard drives, Cloud space big enough, to handle, process and have smart AI to help programmers along with the data in tracing down problems.

The CEOs and Board of Directors DID NOT DO THIS therefor they do NOT deserve salaries until things are FIXED and Customers should NOT pay for service that is inferior. If other customers feelk the same way go to my 2nd main site where you can log-in for free to discuss this and ask the ACLU bring a class-action lawsuit, ask them also to look to the FCC for the similar mistakes that this company was liable for $144 million as well as an agreement from Charter to maintain and implement proper corporate governance measures.

The current troubles are bare brutal truth flat fact that Spectrum/Charter has not learned it's lesson as the following screen grabs show.

See above image shows issues since June 2013



The above screen grab shows the VAST VAST Area that Spectrum is having "problems" of various types.  Should YOU pay your bill with so much area of coverage issues?

Should the CEOs & Board of Directors get paid?  Do feel you're enititled to FREE service until ALL services are 100%?  I know I fell that way.  It os NOT the people on the end of phone whe you call for help, it started with them going into DEBT after buying these two companies and having to LIE about the # Of Subscribers and paid $144 million in fines.  THAT is why your bills rose after the merger, they were deep in debt, stock wasn't so good, and they needed CASH, from US the subscribers, for terrible service.

Btw, it's now been 1.5 HOURS just trying to get a user name at Spectrum see below in is still in this "processing" mode.



Well that's it folks.  Spectrum is like Dish-Tv in a Hurricane, yet I bet with better satellites I am sure those inside Cindy with electricity can watch their TVs and get their mail of Verizon.

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We could write our problems together and maybe ask the ACLU and FCC for help.



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